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Mr. Rashid Parihar, a visionary entrepreneur, founded Bharat Enterprises with a single view of creating homes for his people. Today one man’s vision has transformed into a large organization with an impressive portfolio in Development and Civil Construction, including Hospitality, Healthcare and Educational projects. Bharat Enterprises has a reputation of partnering with some of the most renowned architects in the country which gives us an opportunity to serve some of the best clients. Total Quality Management to us, is a norm rather than an exception, which is the secret of our exponential growth rate. Our Well Networked, Customer Driven attitude is shared by our entire team of architects, engineers and other professionals. Our dictum is to move in par with time, ensuring time based service of a highly finished product.
Our Management Transparency over decades has earned us trust and a reputation of being class apart.


To be a Pillar of India’s Real Estate Development and Civil Constructions and Set a Standard of Quality, Integrity and Character.


Localizing global expertise and innovating ideas that can be executed with commendable brilliance. To be the face of Real Estate Development of India, on the international platform and to bring India in the global limelight. Our vision also extends to being the name behind the development of Two Tier cities and providing affordable homes of high-end quality.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is important in the engineering and construction industry because of the risk involved in any project. The risk involved in not completing the project on time is high, because many external factors will affect the performance of the project. It is vital that a built-in quality assurance system is developed to avoid any inefficiency that could result in poor quality of products and service being delivered to the customer. Everyone involved in the engineering and construction business has, in different ways, benefited from a common approach to quality work. Systematic quality work reduces the costs of failure in one’s own work and in the final product. The standards can make quality work more ef-ficient by creating uniformity. A contractor’s in-house quality assurance system is of utmost importance; it prevents problems and their reoccurrence and allows his or her clients to relax.

Safety Standards

Amount of risk involved in construction is very much high . Proper safety Measure has to be followed to minimize the risk. We considering this as a one of the high priority In our business, follows unique appropriate safety standards. So that our working environment becomes more healthy to work. This also helps us to build trust amongst our team & clients.

Technical Aspects | Standards

This is 21st century the technical aspect has moved on to a Whole new level, and to match the excellent level of quality and to live up the expectation of our clients We also join hands with some of the known technicians like engineer’s architects & consultants to Give our best in every type projects.

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Company Profile
Mr. Rashid Parihar, a visionary entrepreneur, founded Bharat Enterprises with a single view of creating homes for his people.
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Development Projects
All our projects are executed keeping in mind not only the requirement of our clients but also the requirement of his clientele.
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